The SPVM’s truncheon / La matraque de la SPVM

While walking around the city last night during Montréal’s Nuit Blanche, I came across this beautifully silkscreened poster stapled inside a boarded up doorway on boul. St-Laurent between Ontario and Sherbrooke. Of course, I was unable to resist the temptation of unlatching it from its four staples and adding it to my collection.  I thought this was appropriate to share here, considering the prevalent police repression during the Printemps québécois. And the fact that the 15th of March — International Day Against Police Brutality — is rapidly approaching.

It reads:

“As the police charged the crowd, to arrest innocent and engaged citizens, an officer dropped his baton and ran on to grab anyone in arms reach. As I watched people’s rights literally trampled under the truncheon blow, I stood behind and gave him back his weapon. He did not say thank you…”

“Lorsque la police se précipitait vers la foule, pour arrêter des citoyens innocents et engagés, un policier a laissé tomber sa matraque et a courru pour attraper tout ceux qui était à porter de main. Tout en observant le pietinement des droits du peuple, sous coup de matraque, je me suis tenu debout derrière le policier, poliment. Je lui ai rendu son arme. Il ne m’a pas dit merci…”

Silk screened oster seen on 1 March 2014. Une affiche en sérigraphie trouvé le 1er mars 2014. AuteurE anonyme/anonymous author.

Silkscreen poster found on 1 March 2014. Une affiche en sérigraphie trouvé le 1er mars 2014. AuteurE/author: Chris Robertson, La Presse du Chat Perdu.

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